800 E. 40th Building
Chicago, IL

  • Warehouse Design
  • Condominium Buildings
  • Retail Facilities
  • Mixed Use
  • Multistory Structures in wood, steel, concrete
  • Religious Facilities
  • Processing Facilities
  • Masonry Construction
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Residential

Five Story Rehabilitated Reinforced Concrete Warehouse Converted to Condominiums

Designs in concrete, steel, wood, masonary, post-tensiond concrete and light gage design.


400 N. Orleans
Chicago, IL

7 - Story structural steel building. The orginal structure was an ice storage facility. Two additional floors were added.

Test pits were dug in the basement level to determine foundation reinforcement. Load tests for building load capacity taken. Magnetic and radar imaging were used to determine slab reinforcement in the floor.



7024 N. Ridge Road
Chicago, IL
2717 W. Erie
Chicago, IL



Condominium /Retail
1033 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL
2524 and 2530 W. Ashland
Chicago, IL



4100 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
Condominium Complex  


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  • New Construction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Building Assessments
  • Load Ratings
  • Preliminary Design

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1925 N. Lincoln Ave
New Retail/Condominium
Chicago, IL
Design elements
  • Rehabilitation and vertical expansion of an existing building
  • Design of a new 7-story building with lower level parking



3718 N. Wilton
Chicago, IL
Schematic Under Construction

4 Story Condominium Development



Other Condominium Projects

  • 2417-21 West Erie
  • 220 South Boulevard
  • 1409-1419 West Chicago Avenue
  • 1955-57 West Cortland Street
  • 6015 North Mozart
  • 2727 North Wilton
  • 2701 West Chicago Avenue
  • 1870 North Fremont
  • 3024 / 3028 North Sheffield
  • 2625 North Halsted
  • 2414 Carmen Street
  • 3831 North Clark
  • 6446 & 6448 South Dorchester
  • 4620-22 North Clarendon
  • 3944-3946 North Ashland
  • 1725-27 West Pierce
  • 3300 West Irving
  • 807 Forest Avenue
  • 1116 West Hubbard Street
  • 929 Sherman
  • 2622 North Halsted
  • 627 Buckingham Place
  • 3344 North Halsted Street
  • 4343 Western Avenue
  • 1518 West Wrightwood
  • 4950-52 North Western Avenue
  • 457 Racine
  • 1220 West Belmont
  • 5800 North Glenwood Avenue
  • 504-508 North Elgin
  • 2524 & 2530 North Ashland Avenue
  • 3707 & 3713 North Ashland Avenue
  • 5771 North Ridge
  • 1452 West Walton
  • 1446 West Fullerton
  • 5627 North Clark
  • 2517 West Halsted



Des Plaines Glass
Manufacturing Facility
Des Plaines, IL

Structural engineering design for a glass fabrication facility with a 10 ton overhead crane.

Design elements
  • Precast Concrete
  • Steel joists


Schematic Rendering

Northshore Ice Arena
Northbrook, IL

Structural engineering for a 2-story ice arena in Northbrook, IL


Northshore Ice Arena completed



Turano Bakery
Berwyn, Illinois
Turano Bakery Expansion



All Saints Polish National Church
Church Expansion
Chicago, IL



Staybridge Suites
Lincolnshire, IL
4 Story Wood Structure
A unique structural engineering
design using plywood shear walls
for lateral load resistance.



Mariott Hotel
Oakbrook, IL

Structural engineering provided during renovation of hotel.

Rehabilitation design required the development of a unique detensioning sequencing by the structural engineers of J.V. Henik

Completed remodeled entrance. Demolition and structural modifications underway.


1050 Waveland Ave.
Chicago, IL

New Spectator Stands of existing building.

Structural Services:

  • Reinforce existing 4-story condominium building for support of new spectator stands accross from Wrigley Field.
  • Add new express elevator to rooftop of building.


Danville Clinic
Danville, IL

Structural Steel 3- Story, Medical Facility

Installation of a unique 4-storyglass entrance facade required 3-D space frame analysis by the structural engineers of J.V. Henik.



Four Story Lincoln
Chicago, IL
Reinforced and Structural Steel
Condominium Building.


Randall Crosing Retail Complex
Phase I
Algonquin, IL
Structural steel retail complex on small diameter pile
foundation system, with grade beams.



Randall Crosing Retail Complex
Phase II
Algonquin, IL
Structural steel retail complex on small diameter pile
foundation system, with grade beams.


Darien Sports Complex
Building Expansion/Renovation
Darien, IL

Structural conversion of interior space into ice skating arena.

Structural improvements include:
  • New design of generating facility
  • New spectator stands
  • New foundation system



Applebee's Restaurants
18 S. Roselle Road
Schaumburg, IL

J.V. Henik, Inc. provides structural engineering design for Applebee's in a multi-state region.

Other Locations:
  • Schererville, IN
  • Cheserton, IN
  • Mokina, IL
  • Calumet City, IL
  • Ranqhurst Mall Mt Prospect, IL
  • Planfield, IL



Cook County Hospital
Chicago, IL

Structural Engineering Analysis for Demolition Services

Cook County Hospital / Children's Building at the Cook County Hospital: J.V. Henik Structural Enineers structurally reversed engineered the 70 year old plus 9-story Cook County Hospital and adjoining Children's Hospital for demolition.

While the facade and main wing of the Cook County Hospital shall remain, the Pavillion annexes are being demolished.

The original Cook County Hospital is a structural steel building and the 9-story Children's Pavillion building is reinforced concrete.


Children's Pavillion on
Cook County Hospital
Chicago, IL

Structural Engineering Analysis for Demolition Services.



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