Building Evaluations


Potash/PCS Phosphate
Marceillis, IL

Frame conveyor investigation.


1534 N. Pulaski
Chicago, IL

Investigation of roof collapse.


1536 N. Pulaski
Chicago, IL

Facade evaluation and roof truss.


7329 Harrison St.
Forest Park, IL

Condominium Complex


Agri Products Plant
Mendota, IN

Structural engineering design, restoration and repairs for the oil fire at the Ari Products plant in Mendota, IL.


Roof Collapse
1936-11th St.
Rockford, IL

Structural investigation of roof collapse, showing stabilization design and structural rehabilitation.


2045 N. Wilcott
Chicago, IL

Investigation of structural distress as a result of vehicle impact to above residential property.


9363 King St.
Franklin Park, IL
Existing bay layout
Truss installation for open isle with elimination
of interior columns.

Structural modifications/investigation of existing manufacturing facaility converted to salt storage facility.


St. James Catheral
Chicago, IL

J.V. Henik Enineers are investigating and developing the rehabilitating for the 3-story support system for the 100 year old historic organ for the catheral.


1132 W Fulton
Chicago, IL

Investigation of structural frame crushing of 3 story facility.


Structural Investiation of Residence
Due to Gas Expolsion
Riverforest, IL


Other Forensic Investigation Projects

1936-11th St. Warehouse - Rockford, IL Investigation of structural stability of existing three story wood truss warehouse due to roof collapse caused by water buildup on roof.

Western Springs Water Tower - Investigation of partial collapse of water tower roof system during painting rehabilitation. Roof collapse a result of positive (outward) pressure caused by painting company expelling paint fumes.

1062 Huron St. - Chicago, IL. Investigation for sinking of floor in retail/warehouse building. Cause of settlement was due to below ground sanitary line crack and breach into surrounding soil.

ABC Bearing Company, Aurora, IL - Deterioration of exterior walls on bearing manufacturing company was determined to have been caused by water flooding damaged experienced in the building two months earlier.

7840 S. Wolcott - Chicago, IL. Investigation of vibration damage in apartment building caused by nearby construction activity. Vibration monitoring proved to have little influence on building.

2560 Elston Ave. - Chicago, IL - Investigation of 80'-0" long wood roof truss collapse in warehouse building. Investigation determined cause of collapse was rotted wood members.

1430 Lathrop Avenue - River Forest, IL. Investigation of structural integrity of residence due to build-up of natural gas causing an explosion. Investigation determined residence could not be salvaged and was recommended to be demolished.

Leona's Pizzeria - 1936 West Agusta Blvd. - Chicago, IL Investigation of roof collapse in storage area of facility. Cause of collapse was due to overload of framing due to addition of new mechanical equipment on roof.

First Congregational Church - 256 East Chicago, Elgin, IL.. Investigation of existing 80 year old church experiencing masonry cracking and water damage to structure. Investigation concluded lack of maintenance on structure causing deterioration of structural system.

9400 Grand / LLC (Former Motarola Building) - Franklin Park, IL. Exiting facility experience wall collapse in one location and bowing brick at two other locations. It was concluded that overly slender masonry designs caused thermal movement of the masonry leading to collapse.






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935 W. Willow
Chicago, IL


  Failure of Roof Truss
Emergency Shoring Design

Structural investigation of truss failure - retail center. Emergency shoring developed by J.V. Henik Engineers.


3665 Lunt St.
Lincolnwood, IL
Damage due to vehicle impact Emergency Shoring

Stuctural invstigation emergency repairs rehabilitation of manufacturing facility


5041 Gulf Road
Skokie, IL
Vehicle impact investiation of structural system.
Skokie, IL